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“It was wonderful to find America, but it would have been more wonderful to miss it.”

— Mark Twain


Hello everyone!

Since I last wrote in April, wow, can it be that long?

My family and I were evicted out of the house we were renting since we didn’t have enough money coming in to pay for everything.

First there was the packing up of the house. Oh what a job. I tried really hard to let go of things which no longer served me. I threw out some out, gave away some and gifted some to others. I still didn’t get rid of enough. Oh well, maybe I can let go of more when we get to Colorado.

Moving day is next on the agenda. What chaos and I was on my medication. We gave away to friends our washer, dryer and refrigerator. This left more boxes and three motorcycles to move as well. Our fingers were crossed that all our stuff will fit in the storage space we rented.

Finally, it is time to transition to our friend’s house. This means that the four of us (two humans and two felines) are sharing one room. It is a large room and this helped with where to put two litter boxes on one side of the room and food and water dishes on the other. What space is left is for me and Michael. Can you believe it is working out okay?

No one has been killed. The cats are playing together. I make little cubbies for Max as he likes to sneak away from Bailey. I believe Bailey knows where Max is but gives Max his space. Between Michael and me, we are talking more and even after 16 years I believe we are closer now than ever.

Now we are searching for a camper shell so we can proceed to Colorado.

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“The NEW diary” by Tristine Rainer

Loving an Alcoholic” by Jack Mumey

Walking on Alligators” by Susan Shaughnessy

New American Standard Bible” – The Book of Psalms

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