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Quote of the Day:

“When I’m not writing, I can’t make sense out of anything. I feel the need to make some sense and find some order, and writing fiction is the only way I’ve found that seems to begin to do that. Even if the story or the novel ends up saying there is no sense and there is no order, at least I’ve made that much of an attempt.”

— Alice McDermott


One thing I’ve noticed about being a writer, it spoils reading for me. As I read, I’m critiquing the author’s style of writing. I believe this slows down my reading. However my reading makes me notice the turn of the phrase. The style the author uses.

I know when I began journaling on-line, I would write and when done, I would instantly upload to my site. Now, I do a spell check, then I read what I’ve written, check the spelling (even I know you can’t trust the spell check) and I get a second rewrite in before I upload. That is an improvement from the beginning of writing.

As I’ve written here it does make it hard to read because I am checking out style, words used and the tenses between sentences remain the same. That said I still like to read because I feel it improves my writing. But, you see, this is where Miss Perfection jumps in here! 😎

In the last two weeks I’ve done two watercolor paintings and I don’t like either one. I think this Sunday I shall find a painting to use as a guide. The Divine Ms. M has suggested it helps to copy others to learn technique. So, I may give that a try or I’ll get out my crayons and work with them. I like the fact I am being creative on Sundays and it carries through the week without pressure.

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Currently Reading:

Loving an Alcoholic” by Jack Mumey

Desperation” by Stephen King

Walking on Alligators” by Susan Shaughnessy

New American Standard Bible” – The Book of Job

Hope for Today” by Al-Anon



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