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Quote of the Day:

“I’m looking for something to write about, waiting for something to happen. I’m waiting patiently like a hunter in a duck blind, waiting for the ducks to fly over.”

— Joseph Wambaugh


I like this quote because I am waiting for something to come to me to write about.

I know that my Dad and uncles went ducking hunting. I wasn’t much for getting up early or sitting out in the cold. Sometimes they would come back with ducks and sometimes not.

Now fishing I know. I loved going out with my Dad and uncles to fish along the edge of river, end of a pier or from a boat. I was happy to catch fish but one of the guys had to put a worm on my hook and then take my fish off the hook. Reeling in the fish, now that was pure pleasure. However, I learned from the guys it was okay to sit and be at one with the surroundings. It was one of those moments to enjoy the journey as well as the end results whatever they may be.

When I was in the third and fourth grade we lived in Florida. We lived on the river about a mile from the ocean and our landlady had a pier. Every afternoon after school or anytime during the summer, you would find me out on the pier catching what I could. Being much older, I was able to bait my hook and remove my fish as well. It was fun to harass the crabs with my bait and have them chase my bait around the river bed.

When I did catch fish, the first one was always for the landlady’s cat and the rest were for me. I would slice and dice my fish and freeze what I had just in case I didn’t have any bait. Fish were not finicky about what they would bite on.

Yes, there were days the fish didn’t bite. I was happy to be sitting on the pier and watch the water, the boats going up and down the river and occasionally a shark making its way up river. I found a lot of peace on that pier.

Today has been an easy day. I got some laundry done, turned on the dishwasher so the dishes would be clean when our friend arrives home. I spoke with my Aunt Dorothy, 90 years old. She was home taking it easy as it was 90 degrees outside. She said for June and July it rained most every day.

Michael talked to our friends in Colorado to update them on our status. Michael’s back is doing much better and he organized his side of the room. It looks very nice and roomier now I just need to do my side of the headboard.

I can’t think of much else to say other than to have a good Sunday night.

mz. em


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