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Halloween is Upon Us

Halloween decorations, candies and costumes have been showing up in the stores since the last weeks of September. I really hate that. Why can’t stores wait until October?

Just last week I pulled out my meager Halloween decorations and placed them about the house. It is fun to light the candles at night. All within sight in case a flame decides to be rebellious.

As we don’t have many children in our immediate area, we keep our gate locked and only buy a few quantities of candy to leave as tokens to the fire spirits. I will also leave a small bowl of milk on the back steps for the wee folk or those who walk the night to come and refresh themselves before moving on.

When I had my manicure and pedicure this past week, I was blessed with a pumpkin on my left ring finger and my right ring finger has a black cat. Both of my big toes have ghosts with red eyes. They look pretty cool. Other than this I will do a small ritual in celebration of Halloween.

Michael is still in recovery from his kidney stone blasting. He sees bits of sand when he goes to the bathroom. The doctor said that this would be normal. The doctor will see him on Wednesday for Michael’s post-op. I hope the doctor can explain the discomfort that Michael is experiencing and can put a stop to it. I want my baby to be healthy again. Plus, this puts a damper on his actions for job hunting. It’s hard to believe he has been off of work for a year.

The kitties are doing well. I’m getting better at giving Bailey his pills. He still doesn’t like to take them but the pill popper makes the job easier. Bailey is much calmer and though he still plays with Max, he is not as aggressive. Max is friskier and I notice that he is purring more than he has in a long time. Max is spending more time with me and I like that. Of course, Bailey is around more too and that is perfect.

I was going to talk about politics but I can see that the subject is too deep to do so. My query is this, are the Vice Presidents on both sides going to be “yes” people because of the position they are in; or, will they have the ovaries/balls to be the devil’s advocate when necessary?

The warm sunny weather has left our shores. Today is overcast and cool. Fall has definitely arrived. I do hope the rain holds off till Saturday so the trick-or-treaters have a fun night.

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Quote of the Day:

“Before I built a wall I’d ask to know

What I was walling in or walling out.”

Robert Frost


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