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What a Week!

The weather has been gray and sunny. Today was a sunny day. Thank heavens for that.

Today, Michael goes into the hospital for the removal of a kidney stone that was blocking his plumbing and creating a traffic jam for other stones on their way downtown.

The hospital is very good on their people skills. Once they had Michael settled into his pre-op cubicle, I was brought back and I stayed with him until it was time for the surgery.

One of the nice things is at the junction of the surgery area and the waiting room is a spot noted as the kisses and hugs area. I was lost in finding the surgery waiting room but a very nice man on his way to his destination, stopped and asked if he could assist me. I guess he saw the puzzled look on my face. He directed me to the waiting area and what a nice area. A lady took my name and already had Michael’s name, who was the surgeon and the approximate time Michael would be out.

Our friend Lady G appeared after attending to her appointment and kept me company while I waited for Michael. It was fun to have someone to wait with me; one because it made the time go quickly and two, get to know Lady G even more. We did go down to the cafeteria to get a bite to eat and we were back before Michael came out of surgery.

The surgeon came through and told us what all had taken place and that everything was good and Michael would be out of recovery in a half hour. He left the room and the volunteer said, “No he won’t, it will be more like an hour” and they were right.

Sure enough here he came and Lady G and I followed him back to the pre-op cubicle. He received some lunch and we chatted with him. Then it was time for Lady J to head for home. I made sure she had a chance to get into the small little cubicle and give the big guy a hug and a kiss and off she went.

We hung out for about an hour to make sure Michael was a okay and then he was allowed to clean up, get dressed and then while I went to get the truck, they wheeled him out and down the ramp for me to pick him up for the ride home.

Now home is another story. Michael got to find out about life after surgery for kidney stones. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Tomorrow is a day off and we are going to take it easy.

mz. em


Quote of the Day:

“Seek not outside yourself, heaven is within.”

Mary Lou Cook


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““The Power and the Glory” by Graham Greene

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